Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayer Is...

© 2010 David’s Harp and Pen

the vehicle through which I first knew Him
the primary means by which I know Him now
His pipeline to restore my soul
His medium to reveal His will for my life and His delight in my soul

God’s Word in real time that gives me the means to move forward
where I receive forgiveness for myself and where I forgive others, the starting point for healing
the eternal battlefield in which, having already received the surety of God’s promises, I am empowered and rise up to possess the Promised Land and fight for those in captivity who cannot fight for themselves

asking for and listening to in secret the great wonders that God will do in the open
practicing as I do spiritual battle in the Spirit for the day when I shall rule and reign in Heaven
touching the Father’s Heart and feeling His Spirit in mine to prepare for when I see Him face to face, made to be like Him, and behold Him as He really is

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